Wuhan is not really a city, it s in fact 3 different cities at the north and south of the YangTse. I live in Wuchang, the one at the south of the YangTse.

Wuhan in really huge and the population in the urban area is about 10 millions people. The weather is particularly hot, even according to Chinese standard and it s not rare to have temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius during summer. In addition, the weather is really wet and just staying 2 minutes in the shadows outside is enough to change you into a sticky thing.

Chinese way of driving is really different from France,and kind of disturbing in a first time,even lethal if you don t pay attention to the cars,bus,taxis, bikes and other weird vehicles on the road. When you want to cross the street, even if the light is a brilliant green for you to cross, cars are going and thats your part to avoid them,all this in a kind of horn concerto, which will be very soon nothing special to hear in the coming days.

However, Wuhan is the most crazy city I've been through about driving, with a lot of cars even sometimes bus driving on the sidewalk, the "Wuhan touch" maybe. Some pictures from my flat balcony, 29th floor. Wuhan by night 1 Wuhan by night 2 Wuhan by Day 1 Wuhan by Day 2 My residence

Some other pictures from Chengdu 成都 in Sichuan 四川 province where I spent some days. Those pictures where taken on a very recent spot of the very old Chengdu city about 6000 years ago. Chengdu Symbol Chengdu Golden Mask Chengdu Statue