Since yesterday I decided to use Vim as text editor. Vim can be considered as a weird text editor, having 2 different modes, insert and command mode, and you have to switch between them to add text or to delete words or copy/past, search for words occurrence and so on.

This Vim is really powerful and with very little simple command you can perform a lot of things, like just place the cursor on the beginning of a word, then write the command "dw" and your word will be deleted, 'd' stands for 'delete' and 'w' for 'word'. The power of Vim resides in the combination of basic instruction like this.

I just spent 2 hours to set up my Vim, and most of the time spent was to have a nice color theme (not the famous desert one). I found a very good theme on this website ( here ). The ir_black.vim file has been modified else it was impossible to read comments on the black background, and so does my Terminal colour profile, changed according to the colours given in the file.

I'll attach the ".vimrc" and ".vim" folder contening the folder for color theme later in this article.

At the end of a day of use, I'm not so mixed up between the input and command mode and I begin to be quicker for certain tasks than with an Ide or a simple Gedit. To be continued...