Today was the day in Wuhan University of Technology for foreign students to register for Residence Permit (understand a Visa for student staying more than 6 months in China). So you can ask, why the hell do you need a residence permit since your internship is a little less than 6 months. The answer lies in the fact I already stayed 1 month before the official beginning date of my internship, with a touristic Visa, so at the end of my internship I would have stayed 7 months in a row, which requires a Residence Permit.

To obtain a residence permit, you need a proof of your application in the university, pass a medical examination in an hospital (blood routines, chest X=Rays, others little exams)

So there was an appointment in the East campus for all the new students who had to get their permit residence, in a meeting room, with the international office teachers and also the policemen from entry/exit police station.

After a powerpoint about Chinese law and the fact that we should really not "get drunken" or smoke drug, we went in line to check the application materials, leave the passport and files then pay.

It should take less than 2 weeks to have my residence permit, I'll explain more precisely the different steps to get in another article.