October 1st is Chinese National day, an important time in Chinese life, not because of the origin of the day itself, which was the date chosen to be the declaration of the PRC (People Pepublic of China) by Mao Zedong (毛泽东), but mainly because it's National Day holidays from 1st to 10th.

So we decided to head to Hankou (汉口) on the other side of the YangTse(or ChangJiang 长江) river in Wuhan (武汉), to see the firework which will be fired on the shores of the river. After a little more than one hour in a crowded bus, we arrive at our destination, or almost since a very big part of the road along the Yangtse was closed and for pedestrian.

Already, a very massive crowd of people heading to the place where the firework will occur, a very impressive stream of people. The closer we are from the destination, the fewer space we have to walk or stand, the crowd is now really compact and it's impossible to walk without pushing or making move someone else.

National day in Hankou

In this area, there is a big empty space without trees or building heading to the Yangtse, and everyone guess that the firework will be fired in this area. There is also an open space area where people can go buying tickets to have a better view. We tried to reach this area but so many people were pushing and moving, it became kind of dangerous to stay in here, so we headed back to our initial position, waiting for the beginning of the firework.

Then two first "boom boom", but nothing in the sky, everyone try to see from where it comes, then another burst, and we finally noticed that the firework is fired under the building with the open space, very low in the sky. There is no way we cna move to see in a better way, after the building there are a lot of high trees. So open space building was the only solution to have a good view of the firework, so we barely see the colours and the sounds, but we were part of this big day !

Some Chinese tried to convert me, they almost succeed !

Newly communism converted