Since my lab-mate Remy bought a new camera, we went on a little trip in Wuchang to train ourself.

Military demonstration on my university campus. Very certainly students enrolled in military training. _IGP4755_rs.jpg

Some cap being sold in the street. _IGP4754_rs.jpg

Little figures carved in a tree trunk. _IGP4743_rs.jpg

A (Chinese) butterfly. _IGP4742_rs.jpg

Wuhan city beach, one of the thousands of lake in Wuhan. Too bad the water don't look so clean, because with the almost 30°C we got today... _IGP4735_rs.jpg

There is even palm tree here. _IGP4734_rs.jpg

The restaurant I'm used to go to eat for my lunch, with the home made noodles, very impressive to see, I'll take some pictures of this art later. This a typical Gansu (甘肃) restaurant, and since Gansu people are mostly muslim, it's also a muslim restaurant without pork. _IGP4728_rs.jpg